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Krieg Behemoth Mk II by CrystalNexus Krieg Behemoth Mk II by CrystalNexus
The Behemoth Mk II is a significant improvement on its predecessor, now mounting recently developed Krieg Gauss Technology.
A mobile fortress, the Behmoth Mk II has the firepower to shatter defenses and completely obliterate their defenders. The epitome of Kreig tank technology enemies would be wise to fear the Mk II even more so than its predecessor.

Armament: The MkII features extensive armaments. The main gun is comprised of two 600mm Gauss cannons side by side. Above this there is are two co-axial 170mm Gauss cannons side by side. At the very front are two fixed 150mm Gauss cannons, one on each tread. 
Behind these are two turreted 
120mm Gauss cannon with coaxial 30-mm machine gun, one on each tread. Above these on the main hull are two 70mm Gauss Gatling turrets capable of laying down and fire rate of 3000 rounds a minute each. On each side of the hull there are a pair of 23mm Gauss flak cannons. On each rear tread is a further 120mm Gauss cannon with co-axial 30mm machine gun. On the very rear of the hull can be found a fixed 120mm Gauss cannon with co-axial 30mm machine gun.

In summary: Two turreted 600mm Gauss cannons, Two co-axial 170mm Gauss cannons. Two fixed 150mm Gauss cannons, Four turreted 120mm Gauss cannons with coaxial 30mm machineguns. Two 70mm Gauss Gatling turrets. Eight dual 23mm Gauss flak cannons mounted on four turrets . One Fixed 120mm Gauss cannon with co-axial 30mm machingun.

Crew: The Mk II Features a large crew of 18 men, 15 gunners, a driver, a commander, and a radio operator.

Armour: A veritable fortress the Behemoth is fitted with 2000mm of Titanium Diamond lattice.

Speed: The Behemoth mounts 3 fission reactors which work in tandem to power the vehicle with a reactor dedicated to electronics, another to weapons, and a third to movement. As such the Behemoth can maintain a cruising speed of 20mph.

Behemoth design by me :iconcrystalnexus: with thanks to junior general.

Krieg belong to :iconthekorpsofkrieg:
acerr85 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
 awesome job what is a mobile fortress ?
CrystalNexus Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Thanks :) Its basically a huge vehicle with lots of armour and large ammounts of firepower.
acerr85 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
 thank info Wink/Razz 
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January 6, 2014
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