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December 19, 2013
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Virtue Class Nex/Krieg joint Heavy Cruiser by CrystalNexus Virtue Class Nex/Krieg joint Heavy Cruiser by CrystalNexus
The Virtue Class is a recent join project launched by The Nex and the Death Troopers Of Krieg. Whilst updating their weapons, armour and engine technology the Krieg experimented with many things. Due to the supporting nature of their alliance the Nex offered assistance during the Krieg upgrades and one prototype that fulfilled the requirements of both races was the Virtue class. From the outside only a few strips of diamantide, and the engine colours give away any Nex involvement in the ship however their technology is vital to the ships continued operation. Running full Nex sensors, FTL, engines and energy distribution the ship is a literal powerhouse with every system being powered by the crystal on board. In the place of standard reactors there are large Diamantide cores used to generate immense power on to of the rest of the Diamantide distributed throughout the ship. 

Armament: The Virtue class mounts a combination of Krieg Gauss and Nex weaponry which work seamlessly to take down enemy ships. When first encountered the enemy may only see the Gauss turrets and the centrally mounted heavy Gauss cannon. In actuality the ships entire hull is bristling with tiny nodes of Diamantide through which Nex arc, shard, or prism turrets can form at a moments notice. With this potent armament the ship can tackle a large variety of different enemies. 
The ship mount 18 dorsal Gauss cannons in dual mounts, 8 keel mounted Gauss cannons in dual mounts and two batteries of 5 Gauss cannons in dual mounts with a battery either side of the ship. These batteries leave space for up to 8 Nex turrets of any kind to form giving impressive broadside power when needed. 
The ship also features an experimental Kreig Heavy Gauss cannon which is mounted along the centre keel of the ship. This 3000mm heavy weapon has the potential to seriously damage unshielded ships of a similar class, and all but wipe out smaller vessels.

Armour and defence: The Virtue mounts an experimental composite armour design of Titanium Diamantide lattice with a thicker layer of Diamantide underneath and finally a layer of Kreig Titanium Diamond lattice plating. In all this comes to a thickness of nearly two feet allowing the Virtue to take a heavy beating whilst broadsiding.
It is also equipped with great numbers of Krieg laser point defence allowing it to tackle enemy fighters with ease.

Shields: The ship features an experimental Kreig Ion Shield due to the nature of the Diamantide powering it, energy feedback is likely to overcharge other ship systems allowing an extra boost of speed or fire power when the shields go down

Speed: The Nex engines and Diamantide powering the ship allow it to maintain impressive speeds for a ship so armoured with it being able to sustain speeds of up to 0.81 light speed on sub light engines and mounts a Nex fold drive for FTL. 

Crew: The Virtue mounts a crew of around 500 with a 50% elite Kreig crew and 50% Nex crew. It also boasts a large cargo bay, barracks and dropships to support small to medium ground operations.

Size: The Virtue is nearly 9 kilometres long and 5 across at is broadside mountings. 

Nex Belong to me :iconcrystalnexus:

Krieg Death troopers belong to :iconthekorpsofkrieg:
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Student General Artist
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Thanks mate :)
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